Alumni experiences of Spanish immersion in Spain

Experiences of our alumni! Read about their Spanish immersion in Spain!

I love the homestay aspect. I really liked one of my teachers, the level of work we had and the material for most classes. The excursions were fun too.

I think Valencia has so much to see and do. There is nothing like the City of Arts . It was a great fun atmosphere without the craziness and tourist feel of Barcelona.

Alexander Goldstein – Binghamton University

Yes, I believe Valencia represents a real version of Spain because there aren’t many tourists. It’s full of Spanish culture and it’s very beautiful.

Sofia Chernova – Stony Brook University

It has so much culture! Not many tourists, which offers students a great experience.

Yes , it’s been an experience of a lifetime and I have Lola to thank. Love it! The best city in España!

Zachery Lashway – Sunny Plattsburgh

I love Valencia and my family and Miguel and the teachers. A beautiful city and nice people, very helpful and friendly. It is a CLEAN city, one the cleanest I have ever been to.

It has given me the confidence to try new things and speak Spanish more openly.

Stephanie Stenzel – The college at Brockport

It is beautiful accessible, comfortable, a great place to relax and see Spanish culture. I love the people. I feel wonderful, had the most fun of my life. It has changed me.

Suzannah Herschkowitz Binghamton University