Support services and facilities

To study Spanish in Spain doesn’t mean you cannot get away for a few days to visit other countries. On the contrary! AIP has its own travel agency responsible for organizing the cultural and leisure activities, which helps students organize their trips all over Europe or even Africa. We contact the best youth agencies, book accommodations and the cheapest flights, recommend names of contacts and excursions, and more.

– More than 30 trained multilingual staff able to to solve any academic or extra-curricular problem at any time. More than 30 professionals at your entire disposal.

– A Head of Studies, responsible for the syllabi of the courses and able to attend to any academics student concern.

– An AIP Director that handles the logistics aspects of the program. Mr. Ribas is in daily contact, through e-mail and by phone, with the Sender Institution and works as a link between them and students on an up-to-date daily working basis.

– Facilities that offer all the  conveniences of a modern Institute, including computer lab with free access to wireless Internet and a self-directed learning center.

Furthermore, AIP Institute offers English, French, German and Valencian classes to Spanish university students in order to enhance the cultural exchange between Spanish and foreign university students. To study Spanish in Spain also means meeting Spanish students of your age.  Cooperation and friendship are fostered as different ways of learning a second language.