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We are proud to have more than 50 trained multilingual educators willing to solve any academic or extra-curricular problem at any time. But we would really like you to get to know a little bit better 5 people who work hard to give the best quality to our Spanish program.

Our Team 0

Mr. César RibasDirector

Music aficionadobe it jazz or classical, golf enthusiast, and zealous reader of anything and everything that comes to my hands, especially philosophy.  And most of all an enthusiast of Valencian culture – my hometown.

When it comes to running a school we put our minds and hearts into it; we know how to make the best of the excitement each student brings with them when they come to our institute, and we can’t let them down.

Our love for education has made us grow into a blooming family filled with diversity. By using our mind, because reason only works as an instrument; and by using our heart, due to the fact that this is a company for and by the people.

The door to my office is always open for anyone who has any questions or simply wants to share insight on their experience in language learning. 


Mr. Miguel Ángel Legazpi – Head of Travel Agency

Avid traveler, passionate photographer and vocational tour guide. As a Valencian native my main job at the school is making students wish to return to Valencia once they have enjoyed the best experience of their life and returned back home.

What’s my challenge after more than a decade of programming activities for the school? Well, very simple, influencing students to carry on travelling, photographing, eating and drinking, sleeping very little, living and experiencing lots of different things and much more.

When is my mission accomplished? It is fully accomplished if, above all, students learn Spanish.

For more than 15 years we have been creating amazing adventures and experiences. Wherever students and faculty wish to endeavor we will cater to their needs. Needless to say my passion for travel is contagious!


Our Team 1
Our Team 2

Mrs. Cristina Berenguer – Head of Studies

I’m from Cuenca, an “enchanting” city a couple of hours away from Valencia. I encourage you to visit it sometimes! I came to Valencia to study philology because I love languages, traveling and meeting people from all over the world. This is why I love my job at the school.

I love being in contact with nature and Valencia is perfect for this –even though it is a big city. I share an urban garden with some friends in a beautiful neighborhood near to our institute, Benimaclet.

I’m in charge of organizing the academic area so that our students learn Spanish and have fun while doing so.  With more than 25 years of experience in the field of Education, I’m responsible for the syllabi of the courses and I’m always available to attend any academic concerns students and educators may have. Remember, no English in class!

Mrs. Ubal Pérez – Head of Accommodation

My name might throw you off, but I’m from Valencia. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in business Management and Administration and, ever since I went to the UK as an au pairI was absolutely sure I wanted to work with people from different countries and cultures. 

I love my job! I know from my own experience what it is like to be far away from home, when you come to study with us, I’ll try my best to make you feel part of the AIP family during your stay. 

My goal is to make your homestay an unforgettable experience.  Providing plenty of options to make you feel welcome and at home.  Reducing the culture shock to a bare minimum.  In Spain we do things differently and embracing them is the first step to conquering the culture shock blues. 

I’ll be waiting!

Our Team 3
Our Team 4

Ms. Michelle Lomeña – Head of US Recruitment

Being a product of a multi-cultural upbringing, I always felt passionate about exploring the world.  From Dallas, Texas to San Juan, Puerto Rico, I’ve lived on U.S. soil for most of my life. This was true until my junior year in college, when I decided to study abroad in Spain and I’m proud to say I haven’t looked back since.  As soon as I graduated all my energy was invested in finding ways of living, working and thriving in Spain.  

Having experienced firsthand what it is to study abroad, I am more than glad to show students the do’s and don’ts during their experience. Being able to witness student’s emotional and cultural growth throughout their stays, is a constant motivator to keep recruiting students and showing them everything that this beautiful country has to offer.

When I’m not working you can probably find me fulfilling my true passion… travelling. I also love camping and exploring new destinations.

So come experience Spain for yourself!  I’ll be here to help!