AIP Internship offer

AIP offers the possibility to enroll in a semester program to study Spanish in Valencia together with a complete program of internships in companies of the Valencian Community.

The candidates, who must have an Intermediate level of Spanish, will apply the technical knowledge acquired during their academic formation in branches such as computing, tourism, marketing, international relations, customer service, fine arts, logistics, and more.

The semester course will consist of:


1) Academic work:
During the first four weeks of their stay, students will attend the following courses:

Spanish Business Language  (8 hours/week)
Spanish culture (4 hours/week)
Business in Spain (4 hours/week)

2) Internship:
The Internship program includes many different firms and Institutions. Depending on the workplace assigned to the student, the tasks can be very diverse.


Regarding the academic work, the students will complete weekly tests and a final test over the contents of the subjects.
In order to assess the student’s performance in his/her workplace, three interviews will be held with the student’s workplace supervisor. The student’s performance will be assessed considering the opinion of the company supervisor about the following items:

– Completion of the tasks
– Integration and participation in the work team
– Motivation and attitude
– Punctuality and correctness

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