AIP offers a course for intermediate-level students that want to learn Spanish in Spain.

Organized by University of North Texas in Denton, and designed for intermediate-level students of Spanish interested in rapidly improving their language skills and in acquiring an understanding of the Spanish culture.

This program consists of four intensive weeks of Spanish instruction in June and four days visiting the most famous museums and monuments in Madrid and Toledo.

While the student is in Valencia, he/she will study the history and culture of Spain and the Spanish language with faculty members of the UNT Spanish Dept. and the AIP Language Institute.

Starting date: May 27
Ending date: July 1

Number of subjects: 4
Total class time: 60 h.
Total cultural tours time: 20 h.

Activities included in the program:
– Cultural and social activities in the city : 6
– Excursions: 1
– Others: 4 days in Madrid and Toledo

Optional Activities offered: 2
Excursions: 2
Weekend trips: Barcelona, Sevilla and Ibiza or Mallorca