AIP Language Institute offers a variety of Spanish programs in Spain, one of them being winter program with WCCCSA.

Getting to know Valencia, Spain begins with a stroll along its streets to discover its rich heritage. Roman, Arabic, Gothic, and Baroque influences can be found throughout the city. Well-known for its history and art, it is also a modern, dynamic Mediterranean city with a population of about one million people making it the third largest city in Spain. Boasting the best climate in all of Spain, the view from the beaches is breath-taking.

Students will study at AIP Language Institute situated in a central district of the city, characterized by quiet residential areas and a wide variety of small local shops. Students will appreciate the school’s clean modern exterior and its close proximity to bus routes leading to both the old town and the sea front. Students spend their spare time shopping, visiting interesting places in town, playing sports and enjoying local cuisine with their friends. The fact that the school is right in the center of Valencia makes it easy to enjoy the city’s attractions. AIP Language Institute has a cultural guide, specializing in tourism, responsible for organizing the cultural and leisure part of the course excursions, weekend trips and cultural activities. The culture guide also is a resource for students to help them organize their trips in and out of Spain.

Additionally, the school also organizes at least one evening out a week to get to know the exciting sights of the city as well as day and/or weekend excursions to discover the best-kept secrets of Spain.