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Semester & Academic year program in Valencia

Valencia, 15th. November 2010

Dear newcomer,

You can find general information in this web page about the city of Valencia and the semester program. As you know University at Albany Program in Valencia is a program of coursework designed to familiarize you with various aspects of modern Spanish life and contemporary peninsular Spanish language, cultural institutions and business activity, all of these mixed with the traditions of a typical Mediterranean city.

For this reason, you will find the academic side of the programs and also a lot of possibilities of extra-activities, such as cultural and leisure excursions, trips to other cities in Spain, visits to monuments and museums, and of course, opportunities to integrate with Spaniards.

The program is organized for undergraduate students of the University at Albany, SUNY in conjuction with Advisers for International Programs in Spain, S.L. (AIP) and the classes will be located at AIP Language Institute.

Our organization is looking forward to welcoming you with enthusiasm so this wonderful experience can be highly beneficial, highly effective and also an experience not to be forgotten.

AIP takes great pride in assuring you that you will return with a wonderful feeling of much improved language skills, a rich cultural experience, a bond with Valencian families and the overwhelming feeling of a dream come true.

Are you ready for this unforgettable experience?

Cesar Ribas , Director AIP


As the time to depart quickly approaches, you will find you have a million things to do. You have an overwhelming amount of paperwork to fill out, materials to read, and details to take care of. Your first step, before you begin anything, should be to read this handbook. It will be your guide before your time in Valencia.

This is the handbook that you will receive once in Spain. It will be your guide during your time in Spain, where you can find not only information about the city itself, but also about things that you should famililarize with once in Valencia, such as; public transportation, different timetables, town safety, etc.


YOUR FIRST DAYS IN MADRID & TOLEDO. An introduction to Spain.

You will take the opportunity to visit Madrid and Toledo during the first days of your spanish experience. You will stay for three days visiting the most remakable museums and monuments Madrid and Toledo have to offer. This time in Madrid and Toledo will help you to know the rest of participans and also to adapt a little bit to Spanish culture before meeting your hosts once in Valencia.


  • Si quieres ver algunas fotos de nuestras nuevas instalaciones, ver algunas fotos de Valencia y algunos mapas que muestran donde está ubicado AIP en la ciudad, pincha aquí. /If you want to see some pictures of our recent facilities or consult pictures of Valencia & some maps that shows you where exactly AIP is located in the city, just click here:


If you are a capable Net Surfer and you would like more information about the city in which you are going to study, then you will find several connections to other guides about Valencia and the surrounding area.

Turespaña Turespaña is actually the best portal in Internet to know about Spain and Spanish culture. Very well presented and full of information. It is the best guide to know what to visit in a trip to Spain
Infovalencia This is the official Web Page. It is very well presented, although we advise that you visit the Spanish version, as the English one is incomplete as yet. There you will find up-to-date information about the most outstanding and exceptional events and news from the local area. It is a good source of cultural and tourist information.
24-7valencia The essential guide to what’s on, What’s new and what’s great in Valencia. All information in English!. Excellent for restaurants, pubs and nightlife. This, the site of the Comunidad-wideofficial tourism body, is packed with information, both permanent and ephemeral. This is another official site, covering the province of Valencia. Not as rich as the above one, it nevertheless harbours lots of useful information. Another city guide that, although it hasn’t been kept up to date very well, offers a lot of cultural information – history, gastronomy, etc. – and it is abundant with photographs of monuments, museums, places to visit in the surrounding area, etc. It also has an English version complete.
Additional resources:


  • Travel planner for Study abroadA guide to going abroad. Two highly recommendable pages. If you have any spare time, then look up these pages, which will tell you everything you need to know before starting your journey, from things like questions about academic credits, to the average temperatures around the world.
  • Valencia Street Map
    Finally, here you can have access to an excellent street map of Valencia ( only in Spanish). This will be useful to know the distance between two places of the city.
  • Do you have any queries?. Would you like to know anything else?
    Access the activities information clicking the menu buttom on the left. There you will find the activities calendar and the optional trips for weekends in advance. Remember that this is a provisional schedule. It is useful for knowing in advance what activities and optional trips are organized but do not use it as he definitive one!.

Are you ready?