Why AIP Language Institute?

Our institute thrives off our passion for education. 

For more than twenty years we have been successfully accrediting programs from the United States to study abroad in Spain.   

We pledge to give each and every student participating in every single one of our programs the merit they deserve while studying in Spain. 

We offer the opportunity to earn college credits towards the student’s degree programs in the U.S., whilst giving them the opportunity of immersing completely into the Mediterranean lifestyle and culture with our programs to study abroad in Spain.

Many years of experience with courses for foreigners working in conjuction with American and English universities and colleges, led AIP Language Institute to realize there was a need for a combination of meaningful academic teachin, as well as personal and cultural support, in order to give students a truly fulfilling study abroad experience. 


Language immersion

We aim to provide the perfect environment in which students can continue to develop their language skills when they decide to sstudy abroad in Spain. Our classes are taught according to the students’ level. Then, to complement this experience, we organize cultural activities, city tours, weekend trips, among many other, to enhance classroom learning and make the most out of this immersion experience in Spain.

Collaborative program

Our second goal in our programs to study abroad in Spain is to become that missing link between the collaborating institutions and Spain, the Spanish language and the culture. We do our best to provide support for teachers in the different departments so that they can always stay in touch with Spain through AIP Language Institute. 


Why AIP Language Institute? 0

Highest quality label

Recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport, and obtained after a rigorous evaluation, it guarantees the best education when learning Spanish as a second language
Why AIP Language Institute? 1

Exchange between USA and Spain made easy

This not-for-profit organization was founded in 1968, making it the oldest association in Europe dedicated to the needs of American university programs abroad. Our collaboration with APUNE, also involves working with the  State University of New York at Albany.
Why AIP Language Institute? 2

All for one. One for all

Collaborating with other Spanish schools in Spain is a great tool to networking with other professionals and learning about the needs of the market firsthand. We are a proud partner of the Spanish Federation of Spanish Language Schools.
Why AIP Language Institute? 3

They’ve got our back

The organization representing the employers' interests in the sector of language teaching centers in Spain. FECEI is a valid interlocutor before the administration and forms part of the representation in the negotiation of the agreement of non-regulated teaching centers.
Why AIP Language Institute? 4

Supporting our local associations

Founded in 1983 and currently has more than fifty centers of recognized prestige in the provinces of Valencia. They work to guarantee and defend, from an organizational, pedagogical and legal point of view, the quality and professionalism of private language teaching in our local Community.
Why AIP Language Institute? 5

Only a select few

Their main objective is to promote a status of quality in the Teaching of Spanish in Spain. Only federated schools will have obtained the quality stamp in the field of Spanish Teaching.

What Our students say

study abroad in spain

Studying abroad was one of the best decisions I've ever done in my life. I strongly recommend an opportunity like this to anyone. Don't hesitate, take the leap and challenge yourself. You won't regret it!

Axl Jones

study abroad in spain

My experience with AIP has been incredible. Not only have I gained confidence in my Spanish, but studying abroad in Valencia was a springboard for me to feel comfortable speaking the language.

Sallyann Shelton

Why AIP Language Institute? 8

The teachers, lessons and material used in class were great. Valencia has so much to see and do, without the craziness and tourist feel of Barcelona. There is nothing like the City of Arts and Sciences.

Alexander Goldstein

Why AIP Language Institute? 9

Valencia is a great destination and the reald deal when it comes to experiencing Spain. It’s not as touristy as other destinations and it’s absolutely stunning.

Sofia Chernova

Why AIP Language Institute? 10

This has been an experience of a lifetime. Great school, nice homestay and a city full of culture. Not many tourists, which offers students a great experience. The best city in España!

Zacahary Lashway

Why AIP Language Institute? 11

I love Valencia, my host family and AIP staff. Nice people, very helpful and friendly. Then, Valencia is one of the cleanest cities I have ever been to. Studying at AIP has given me the confidence to improve my Spanish.

Stephanie Stenzel