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A home away from home

‘Home’. Such an important word, right? When travelling to another country we usually start listing all the things we are going to miss about our own hometown.  But coming to Valencia means experiencing the Mediterranean lifestyle, broadening your mind due to the cultural traditions you are going to witness, awakening your taste buds with the delicious food you are going to find, overloading your brain and heart with feelings and sensations that only a city like ours can provide.

Then, with our Spanish classes in Spain, you are making sure you make the most out of such an incredible experience.

Are you ready for all this?


This is the best option when looking for direct contact with the Spanish customs and culture as it provides plenty of opportunities to practice the language you learn with our Spanish classes in Spain.  In fact, it is highly advisable to share at least one meal per day with the host family to improve your speaking skills.

The host families we work with have our complete trust and we are sure they will make everyone feel welcome.  They are warm, friendly and open people but do not expect them to speak English.  Most of the host families do not know how to speak it.

Shared apartment

On the other hand, when looking for more independence, a shared apartment may be the right choice.  It goes without saying that occupants must keep common areas clean and need to buy their own food and other necessary products. 

However, when sharing an apartment it is quite common for the occupants to bond with each other and create lasting relationships, especially when it comes to long-term stays.