Home stay

The best way to complement Spanish classes in Spain is to live with a Spanish family. With them participants will learn more about Spain and all those expressions which they do not usually learn in an academic environment, but which are very attractive and tell them a lot about Spanish culture and their own way of thinking and living.

All the host families have already worked with us and we have complete faith in them. The criteria of our thorough selection process was, apart from location in the urban center of Valencia and with easy access to the school, that the house should be clean and well equipped, but above all, the attitude of the family members.

We have chosen open-minded people who have a lot of experience hosting students from all over the world and who are prepared to adapt to anything. They will respect you and your things as if you were another member of the family. In order to return this respect, participants should bear in mind certain customs and details which they will take as the first step towards a good friendship.